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The Key Factor In Autonomous Driving Prediction

Autonomous driving will be a key element in traffic management in the future, given the complexity of mobility in large urban areas and the need to improve traffic management. Bosch, among others, has focused its efforts on streetlights to find the best solution for the current situation and improve safety in urban traffic.

What is MEC View?

MEC-View is the German manufacturer’s project. It is based upon street lamps with video and lidar sensors. This is a type radar that allows us to provide relevant information to vehicles in real-time, such as detecting obstacles and providing them with timely and efficient information.

This project has been ongoing for over 3 years. Its partners include Bosch, Osram and TomTom, Osram and TomTom, IT Designers, and the universities in Duisburg-Essen, Ulm and Duisburg-Essen. Ulm, the second city, was the test ground for the technology. We will be able to use the knowledge gained from this experience to improve and develop automated driving and mobile technology.

Cameras mounted on streetlights up to 6m high provide a 360 degree view. This allows all information to be transferred to automated vehicles that move through the city’s streets and highways. To be able see the entire scene, this camera must be installed at high altitude. These cameras are designed to extend the vision range that vehicle sensors can’t reach.

A complete picture of the current road situation can be gleaned from both the sensor data and the sensors located in streetlights. This will allow for autonomous driving excellence and improve the driving skills of all drivers.

Continued projects

Similar technologies have been developed by other companies like Uber and the Multinet system. Like the MEC-View Project, this technology detects obstacles and predicts what decisions will be made by pedestrians, bicyclists, or other vehicles crossing their autonomous vehicles.

This system uses artificial intelligence to predict the trajectory of an object and create a plan. MultiNet’s uniqueness is in its ability to predict the behavior and movement patterns of objects. This is unlike other systems or the MEC View. MultiNet is capable of human reactions. It can collect data in real-time to predict a behavior and refine it, allowing for the creation of possible trajectories. Uber’s system is between 9% to 13% more precise than other options.

Leading technology companies are making safety on the roads for pedestrians and drivers a top priority. They want to reduce risks and allow us to move with more peace of mind. Autonomous driving is a goal that the automotive industry will continue to pursue. What time will it take for this phenomenon to become widespread?

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