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Technological Trends In The Insurance Sector And How Thing Are Changing

The technology changes in our lives have made insurance an integral part of our lives. It is a sector that has advanced to offer better customer service and improve its operations. What is the answer? Based on the following trends.

Analytics and big data

These concepts are becoming increasingly important to understand our customers. Insurers analyze large quantities of data to be able to make more precise predictions about their customers’ behavior. The most important topics in analytics for 2019 were fraud risk, claims, complaints, and price.

Social media

These devices have been used for many years to communicate with customers and potential customers. Depending on the company’s communication strategy, they can be used as customer service, commercial or corporate channels. A loudspeaker can be used for your own activities and you will receive feedback from the audience. This improves the message being transmitted to the digital audience.

Immediacy in the case of a claim

Cars will become rolling computers that transmit information and alerts to the world. This will make it easier to file claims. Our insurer will be able to know in almost real time what happened in an accident. We will also have the ability to quickly get the replacement car or new car.

Internet of things

They are everywhere we look: tablet, smartwatch, bluetooth headphones,… The Internet of Things ( IoS in English) makes everyday life easier, particularly for leisure. In the next few years, insurance companies will be able obtain data from these devices. This includes comparisons of specific ratios in order to reduce risks and prevent economic losses.

Machine learning and bots

Machine learning bots are the latest innovation, and they will be more popular than ever. This is a type of artificial intelligence that involves building data-processing machines that can learn from them, without human supervision. Chatbots can now communicate with customers about their complaints, handle human intervention (e.g., request a crane), or resolve more complicated cases.

We can conclude that we can confirm that the insurance industry is ready to use the technology to provide quality, competitive insurance tailored to the needs of a digital client.

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