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How To Configure A Smartphone To Make It More Accessible To Older People

This innovation is making seniors’ lives easier than ever before.

While it may seem natural to use a smartphone, this is not true for older people. The challenges of old age include decreased mobility and visual impairments. The interface is confusing for older people, making it even more difficult to use.

There is a way around this. You can make the user experience easier by making small adjustments to the settings. This is how seniors can have a more enjoyable smartphone experience.

1. Improve readability

The most common complaint that older people have about smartphones is their difficulty reading. While increasing the size of text can improve readability, it is important to increase the contrast so colors appear sharper.

2. Simpler user interface

Instead of changing individual settings, you can use a launcher instead to change the interface of your phone. These include home screens, set menus, drawers and other settings. Launchers can be used to simplify the browsing experience for seniors. They make it easier to navigate through options and menus, make text larger and more visually appealing, and make colors brighter so that it is easier to read.

3. Activate voice control

This is no surprise. The interface works better with magnifying glasses and larger buttons. However, it can become more difficult to use the touch screen with age, especially if you lose your manual dexterity. All smartphones have voice-activated digital assistants. Instead of relying on their fingers to send messages or check the weather forecast, older people can speak out loud and ask for help.

4. Text to Speech:

You can enable text-to-speech on the device if they have trouble reading, even after you adjust the font size and contrast. This is particularly helpful for those with poor eyesight. This not only saves them the effort of reading the text but also protects their eyes against further strain. You can download the news app on your phone to activate the text-to speech function if the elderly in your family read the newspaper every morning.

5. It makes it easy to read the screen

Once you have enabled navigation on your smartphone, you can use it to make accessibility easier in the real world. You can show them how to use the flashlight to illuminate dark areas and text in dimly lit places. You can also install text augmentation apps that make it easier to read small print, menus and books.

6. Install TeamViewer

Install TeamViewer, which allows you to remotely access your grandparents’ smartphones, if you aren’t staying there. Ask them to open TeamViewer again if they are having problems. The passcode will allow you to take control of the device and fix it.

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