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Amazing Technological Advances Of 2021

We are coming to an unusual 2021. With it, we will remember how technology has evolved and accelerated since the pandemic started and how, especially in the workplace has managed to keep everyone connected.

Next, we will discuss some technological trends that will change the way people think in 2021 and beyond.

5G development

We have seen 5G launched by large teleoperators during 2020, but have not yet been deployed. The technology will improve connectivity and access in remote and rural areas where there is currently no service. This will allow companies to continue digitizing their operations, processes, and work methods, aided by COVID-19’s sudden digitization.

Transparency in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), which is constantly compromised by the opaqueness of its algorithms, generates ethical and transparency doubts toward the consumer. Many consumer-centric AI decision systems next year will include provisions that explain their decisions.

Data governance is an important area in which it will be used over the next 12 months. It covers contact tracing, personal digital profiles, and privacy questions.

Digital payment acceleration

In 2020, mobile payments were already a popular option. They are easy and convenient for customers. Small businesses will soon accept contactless payments, which is expected to give tap to phone technology a huge boost.

The European Payment Services Directive, which came into effect on January 1, 2021, will require users to verify their identity through at least two authentication methods: something they know (password, pin), something they have, such as mobile, and something that is inherent to them (facial recognition, fingerprint).

The internet of behaviour

We already know the internet of things (IoT), but now we have the internet of behaviour (IoB: internet of behavioral, which is its English acronym). From data collection and use to direct behavior. These data include citizen data processed in government agencies and public sector; social media, customer business information; location tracking; etc.

This new system must be transparent and ethical, as well as adhere to privacy laws in every country.

What else can you expect? These are just a few of the many advances that will make people talk next year. Looking ahead, we hope for a happy entry into 2022 with enthusiasm, health, and optimism.

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