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My name is David Cowan and this is my personal technology blog.

I have started this blog to improve my own personal knowledge base where I will be writing down my thoughts all around anything about technology.

I will be informing you of specific tec news and new innovations in the technology space, so this should be really interesting.

Ever since school I have been interested in physics and technology. Gadgets, computers and anything futuristic captivates my interest.

You could say I met techno nerd that there are many like me around the world.

I’ve been living in Memphis with my wife.

I was born in Houston and grew up there but moved to Memphis for work reason and is where I met my wife, Tina.

It was around 22 years ago I became interested in technology related topics. When I was a high school.

Anyway, after years of debating about it, I decided to write a blog. Since then, I haven’t looked back. The content I write about is written to be educational. I plan to develop this blog and bring my own take on things that are technically innovating.

I started to build this blog as a hobby initially. In addition to this, I wanted to write about my findings because I find this assists me in understanding the topic I’m research and publishing. I know that there will be others like me and those people I think will be inspired with the facts and detail they receive from my research.

Since starting this blog, I’ve discovered that I can make money with this thing which has come in very handy I can tell you. Wouldn’t it be great to end up being tec blogger that makes a living from it. I think I’m going to make that my goal.


Marketing E Technology (MET Know)