Learning names is hard, we make it easy!

We help you get to know your people

Game Play Stimulation

Learning through game play stimulates the brain and helps retain information in a more meaningful way

Share with your Group

Once you set up your group you can share it with all your members so that everyone can learn each other's names

Flash Card style Learning

When you need to learn more details about your member simply engage in the flash card mode to dive deeper

How It Works?

Create a group

Decide what questions to ask your members while creating a group, then invite everyone

We create the flash cards and quizzes

After a member signs up on the app, we generate the flash cards and quizzes used to learn

Know your people

We believe practice makes perfect, so the more you review and quiz yourself, the more you’ll know

What MetKnow Can Do For Your Office

Studies show that when your employees are familiar with each other they become more engaged. Higher employee engagement around the offices has multiple benefits including:
A more comfortable work environment
A 21% increase in productivity
Happier employees, which leads to less turnover
A 22% increase in profitability

And most importantly

you'll never have to avoid the break room again because that one person who’s name you can never quite recall is sitting there eating an apple.

Screenshot Gallery

We've spent countless hours making sure everything is laid out in an intuitive, easy-to-use manner so that you can just open the app an get moving right from the start.


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