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WhatsApp Voice Changer Enables Voice Setting To Sound Like Whatever You Want

WhatsApp is full of secrets that are not easily discovered.

You have many options to personalize your messages. For example, you can change font and typeface, make animated stickers, and even place them in your stories. You can also add music to your status for a unique touch.

You may not be aware that WhatsApp allows you to use your voice to create sound effects and send your friends a unique audio.

This has nothing to do the increased playback speed they have added a few months back so it isn’t so tedious to listen endless audios. However, you will need to use an external application.

WhatsApp allows you to change audio on your phone. This means that you can send these messages from any mobile device.

Let’s get curious.

How to send audios using voice effects on WhatsApp

You will need to have an external tool if you wish to use voice effects on WhatsApp. The social network doesn’t have this function.

Although the application may not be identical on Android and iOS, there are many options that allow you to change your voice and make it sound robotic, so it almost seems like you’ve sucked helium balloons or other options.

Both have ads, so if you want to use the app to record audio using voice effects in WhatsApp, you’ll have to consume a 30-second advertisement. It’s okay to make fun of someone.

You can send a WhatsApp audio with voice effects by opening the app (or looking for one in the store that interests you most), recording the message, and sharing it on the social media network.

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