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The New And Ultra-Rugged Android Nokia XR20 Will It Beat The 3310


In its official forums, a new Nokia terminal was leaked. It is the Nokia XR20. It would arrive sooner than expected. The main claim of the phone is that the photos show it to be ultra-resistant.

Nokia is still a part of the smartphone market, although its presence might not be as strong as it used to be in the past. However, it has not abandoned the industry. These proposals are intriguing and are aimed at a general public who is looking for a mid-range, or entry-level, terminal.

Nokia takes risks when launching new devices on the market, but this doesn’t mean they don’t take them. Although the last one we know of has yet to be officially announced, it was leaked via the Nokia forums. The main feature of this device is its ability to withstand shocks and falls as well as inclement weather.

This device will be called the Nokia XR20, which is a very striking name for this team. Leaked images show the back in all its glory. The image also makes it clear that this device is water-resistant, or at least can withstand splashes.

We can see the presence of sand in some areas if we look closer. It is likely that this device will be dust resistant. The screen is what matters most. The panel’s material is not known. It would make sense to use a screen made of plastic if it is a highly resistant device.

The chances of it breaking is greatly reduced by using a plastic panel rather than a glass one. It may also be coated with the latest Gorilla Glass. There are no details available about the technical specifications of this terminal.

Rumours claim that the screen would have 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. However, the processor is still unknown. It would display 6.67 inches in Full HD+ resolution and have a 4,600mAh battery. These are all the details that have been confirmed, but it is clear from photography that at least three cameras will be mounted on the rear.

Nokia has removed the post from its official forums, so no announcement has been made. Although it is likely that it will arrive sooner than expected, there is not a specific date. It would be logical to expect it to arrive in August or September, but that is not possible. We’ll have to wait and watch what Nokia has to say in the coming weeks.

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