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The iPhone 13 To Have Wi-Fi 6E For A Faster Connection And Greater Range

Rumours continue to swirl and we expect another feature of the iPhone 13: It could offer an improved and longer-range internet connection through the WiFi 6E.

Apple will continue to follow its normal roadmap until September 2013. As the date nears, rumors intensify as there is less time left.

Today’s concern is the one about the connectivity of the 2021 iPhone. This information comes from DigiTimes, a specialized media that states that Apple’s new mobiles will support WiFi 6E.

The report states that Apple is adding WiFi 6E technology to its iPhones this year. This technology is expected become a standard feature in iOS and Android mobiles by 2022.

You’ve probably heard of the WiFi 6E, if you keep up with technological news. This update to WiFi 6E has more bandwidth, which means less interference and better latency.

The WiFi 6E, on the other hand, goes beyond the WiFi 6’s 2.4GHz band to include the 6Ghz band with 1.2GHz more, bringing it up to 7.125GHz. It increases bandwidth and multiplies data throughput, which allows for better quality transmissions and less interference.

We have already heard that the iPhone 13 will include WiFi 6E. This feature was already rumored in the past and Apple is expected to implement it to rival the Snapdragon 888-equipped flagships.

Qualcomm’s most powerful processor supports this WiFi standard. In recent months, we have seen first routers with this technology appear.

The report confirms another rumor, which has been floating in recent months. DigiTimes sources claim that the LiDAR sensor is exclusive to the iPhone 13 Pro models and will not be available on standard models.

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