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Solution For The 'Drift' Of The Joy-Con In The Nintendo Switch

If you have purchased Nintendo Switch you may have noticed something not quite right. There is a small defect in the console controller. This causes the characters to move independently or, if you’re in a menu, it will automatically scroll up/down without stopping.

You can calibrate your controller but that doesn’t solve the problem. After a few hours more, the annoying drift will return and can cause serious damage to your game.

There were two options: either send the remote to Nintendo’s technical support – which will make it impossible to play – or open and play with the mechanism. This is risky and not possible for everyone.

They have now found a way to fix the joy-con drift on the Switch. It is easy to implement and takes only a few minutes.

How to fix the Nintendo Switch joy-con drift in a definitive manner

It can return after some time, so it is worth sending it in to technical support. This new method will eliminate the drift issue with the Switch joy-con for good. You won’t even break anything.

He explains why joy-con drift occurs at 5:55 and gives the solution.

You can access the area by removing the back cover.

This will allow you to eliminate the annoying joy-con drift problem.

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