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How To Effectively Disinfect Your Mobile

We have previously discussed the importance of maintaining your phone. Here are some examples of the most common problems. We want to share some tips and tricks to help you disinfect your mobile device in these times of personal hygiene.

The main focal point of infection is the screen

Mobile phone screens can be contaminated with bacteria.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s study, disinfecting mobile phones should be done at least once per month. We recommend that you do this more often. You will need to disinfect the phone with a damp cloth soaked in alcohol and water. You will need to mix three parts 96% ethyl alcohol, which is the one used to treat wounds, and one part water to disinfect your phone.

Clean the cover.

To clean the mobile, you must first remove the cover. (It is best to have one in order to avoid any blows.) Then, disinfect the element to place it back at the finish.

Once the case is clean, it’s time to clean the screen. A microfiber cloth is a good choice, similar to those used to clean lenses or glasses. However, the water-alcohol mixture is not recommended if it has oleophobic protection – which is a thin layer on most high-end and mid-range mobiles. If you don’t have white wine, you can make the mixture with water. It is important to avoid glass cleaner and any other corrosive or abrasive substances.

Isopropyl alcohol can also be used for cleaning the edges and rear of the device. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics industry.

Biosafety and health are important issues

Keep in mind that COVID-19 may have been spread quickly by mobile phones and other touch screen devices, such as at airport checkin counters or onboard entertainment screens.

They are the primary carriers of disease. They are used to communicate, transferring microbes via droplets. They are often with us when we watch TV or eat. Another source of infection is the frequent use of the toilet seat by many people.

MGS Seguros recommends that you comply with these guidelines for your safety. With a simple gesture that won’t take long, you can take the disinfected mobile wherever you go and protect your health as well as that of others.

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